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How can NORA help your business grow?

Business Referrals

The North Okanagan Referral Association (NORA) is dedicated to facilitating business referrals and networking opportunities for local entrepreneurs throughout the North Okanagan. We provide a friendly, welcoming platform where members regularly exchange referrals, share industry insights, and support each other's growth.

Networking Events

Our networking events are designed to create a comfortable, inclusive environment for North Okanagan professionals to connect, collaborate, and foster meaningful business relationships. Join us to expand your network and explore new business opportunities.

Business Promotion

At the North Okanagan Referral Association, we believe in the power of word-of-mouth promotion. Our community is committed to promoting each other's businesses through direct referrals, testimonials, and shared experiences.

Why Choose NORA?

The North Okanagan Referral Association (NORA) is more than just a business community; it's a thriving ecosystem of support, collaboration, and growth. Our members benefit from a diverse network of professionals, valuable business resources, and a culture of reciprocity.

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